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Can people share with me their experiences regarding "moving on" statements from their beloved BPD's
Is it always a way for them to justify getting laid by someone else?
How many times I have heard "i need to move on" and I find out his idea of moving on is going away with someone else to f--k
Thats how it started with us while he was still married to someone else. I was just looking for a good time and then...
He told me he loved me from the first day we met
Now I see I was just a bridge

Mine is a bit more devious... He usually says "I'm too selfish to be in a relationship" and then goes on about how he is best off just having friends but no romantic involvement in his life. I was taken in the first time it happened but now I see it as a smokescreen (he's after someone else, the thrill of the chase has set in)


Hi!  It's me again, but on another thread  ;D.

I have heard the "moving on" speech many times, and yes, I also believe it was a way to rationalize sleeping with someone else in his mind.  In fact, whenever he would come up with the, "I think it's best to move on..." speel I knew there was another woman.  But the catch was, even if he said that, he did everything possible for me not to be able to move.  What he meant was, "I need to move on and see if she makes a better 'host' than you, but I can't have you move on in case she doesn't."

I've heard every possible "let's move on" speech I swear.  I've heard the, "I'm so selfish...", "I need to work on myself...", "It's not fair to you...", "I can't make you happy..." and the list can go on and on.  Every single time it was because of another woman.  Never failed.

Maybe we should start a thread 
Even as we speak he has not had the balls to say it's over and he has never ever said to me "you need to move on"
I  asked him before he left if he would reconsider "moving on" by going to therapy. His answer "let me think about it"
Four days later he still has not answered. I feel,no I KNOW, he is testing the waters with someone else. So his answer will depend on whether his week in SEDONA (arghhh) meets his needs in the long run. Unbeknownst to him I am moving on (and not with the next attachment)
I am so done
Now I need to change my ID

Maybe instead of se-do-na, you username was meant to be so-done-withya! 

When I was still in the relationship, I wanted nothing more than these other woman to just go away.  But when I decided to end the relationship because I caught him cheating on me again, I hoped and prayed this one would stay so that he would leave me alone.  Of course, it didn't and the re-engaging began.  It was too late.  Like you, I made the decision to move on and move on alone!  He can go sell crazy somewhere else!


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