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I need to find some counselor(s) who are familiar with BPD.  Because BPD symptoms often present as obnoxious behavior, I want to find a counselor who would be compassionate and not judgmental or off-put by BPD.  I live in Augusta, GA.

dear healmydaughter,

I am not from your area so don't know of anyone specific, but would recommend that you look for a particular type of therapy for your D.  Most who suffer from BPD find they have very good results with DBT therapy and you may be able to find someone suitable in your area by looking for that type of service.  Sometimes local hospital phyc units will know of practitioners using this method, you may also find someone via a local university.

Best of luck with your search.


I got this from the following site from the originator of DBT (I think):

Psych Augusta DBT Program, Medical College of GA
1515 Pope Ave
Augusta, GA 30912
T:   (706) 721-6710
F:   (706) 721-1793

There might be other options if you do the search above.  A good place to at least start.

dear healmydaughter,

so glad that you are here!   *welcome*

how old is your daughter?

has she been dx w/BPD already?

look forward to hearing more from you when you are ready.


Thank you to all who posted replies to my query.  I was told by a counselor at the National Suicide Hotline that since my D is 27 years old and does not desire to get help, I cannot force treatment. At this point, only a miracle from God can help her.  She has no desire to live and she is like an empty, numb shell since her divorce last year and subsequent breakup with a boyfriend.


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