How to cope with feeling like you're being used...

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Being used and paying dearly for a mistake I made early on in our relationship was the core of my relationship.  No love from her, just an act to keep me there so she could continue to punish me. 

The toll:  $60+K, much debt, no savings or retirement, very distant friends, alienated son, deep rooted anger and this agony I now live through daily, which at least has an end in sight.  The pain while in the relationship seemingly had no end in sight.

Used, used, used.  And the real pisser and ultimate projection is that she accused me of the same...   ::-

I cope by accepting it for what it was and vow never to let that happen to me.  I have set out to undo what was done to me in all areas of my financial, personal and mental self.

Quote from: Needhelptomoveon on June 01, 2008, 01:51:02 PM

How do I deal with the pain of knowing I gave so much to her only to have her treat me so badly... I feel like I will be replced so easily... and that she never really cared for me...

Im trying to deal with that myself, thanks for sharing the info...I can relate.

i dont think its so much that we were used...we volunteered..
i think we offered too an attempt to make it better..
and we thought with our hearts... not common sense..

Yea Tony, right again.
In our generosity and desire to make them happy it has been like offering a big chunk of raw meat to a lion.
Problem is, we wore it around our neck.

Very, very true Tony!  You have a lot of wisdom to share on this... thank you for helping me to understand everything better.


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