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Feeling Good
by David D. Burns, M.D.

The New Mood Therapy

In a survey of 448 BPDFamily members, 77% exhibited signs of depression; 21% exhibited signs of severe to extreme depression from years of being in an invalidating home environment. Feeling Good is the book most frequently "prescribed" by psychologists for patients undergoing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Clinical studies have shown patient improvement by just reading the book - a treatment known as bibliotherapy. Four (4) million copies have been sold in the United States.

I Don't Have To Make Everything All Better
by Gary Lundberg LMFT, MA

Six Practical Principles That Empower Others to Solve Their Own Problems While Enriching Your Relationship

This is a recommended resource when one's young child has Borderline Personality Disorder. Lundberg addresses the dilemma that arises when family members expect us to solve their problems . This is a very easy book to read - written by a very caring grandparent who works as a marriage counselor.

The Narcissistic / Borderline Couple
by Joan Lachkar, PhD

A Psychoanalytic Perspective On Marital Treatment

Joan Lachkar, Ph.D, defines the narcissistic/borderline couple - one common romantic pairing. The narcissistic/borderline couple are "individuals who, when they are together, form a shared couple myth that gives rise to many collective fantasies". Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic partners of ten have a parasitic bond characterized by their painful, circular patterns of behavior. This book examines the complexities of these relationships.

The Essential Family Guide to Borderline Personality Disorder
by Randi Kreger

New Tools and Techniques to Stop Walking on Eggshells

Five tools for family members to use to make home life more manageable for the family and more supportive of the person affected by BPD. Ms. Kreger also discusses the origin and cause of the disorder, symptoms and diagnosis including why BPD is so misdiagnosed; how symptoms can differ by age and gender; and how addiction and other disorders complicate BPD, and she covers all of the common treatments, etc.

Survivor to Thriver Manual
by J. Patrick Gannon, Ph.D.

The Transformative Journey from Victim, to Survivor, to Thriver

The Survivor to Thriver manual is an essential guidebook for Adult Children of a BPD Parent, as well as for any survivor of physical, sexual and/or emotional child abuse or neglect. The 21 Steps are a statement of the tasks and issues that most adult survivors face during their recovery from child abuse. This 115 page manual is free to BPDFamily.com members.

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