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Title: Eight Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery - Babette Rothschild, MSW, LCSW
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(https://bpdfamily.com/book-covers/0393706052.jpg)(https://bpdfamily.com/book-covers/spacer.gif)8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery
Author: Babette Rothschild, MSW, LCSW
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc. January 2010
Paperback: 192 pages
ISBN-10: 0393706052
ISBN-13: 9780393706055

(https://bpdfamily.com/book-covers/locate.png) (http://www.bookfinder.com/search/?keywords=0393706052&new_used=&lang=&st=sh&ac=qr&submit=)

About the Book
Psychotherapist Rothschild (The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment) here provides a practical explanation of her novel approach to trauma recovery and therapy, which strives to make healing less painful than the traumatic incident. Drawing on her personal experience with trauma and her treatment process, Rothschild realized that treatment does not necessarily require vivid remembering of the originating trauma's level of distress. Her keys to recovery include plotting a course of treatment, realizing that remembering is not required, stopping flashbacks, reconciling forgiveness and shame, taking small steps, and making the best of the situation. In each passionately written chapter, Rothschild provides a description of the key principle, a case example, a lay-oriented discussion of the theoretical underpinnings of the issue, examples of how to apply the principle, and practical exercises. Rothschild's valuable information is not designed to replace established therapeutic approaches but will serve as a nice adjunct. Readers who have experienced traumatic events will find this a helpful tool as they work with their professional therapist. Also of interest to self-help readers and professional therapists.

About the Author
Babette Rothschild, MSW, LCSW, has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1976 and is a member of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.