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Title: Worked against her when she tried to have me falsely arrested...
Post by: Aussie0zborn on April 25, 2014, 08:46:33 AM
We often talk about BPD women being attractive and how this works in their favour. I'd like to share this little incident about how it actually worked against her when she tried to have me falsely arrested... .

If I think about it, my ex-wife was definitely BPD, too. She would walk along the street and men would bump into poles and make fools of themselves. I found it quite amusing. Being low functioning, it was easy to pick her lies and deceit and I got her out of my life quick smart, without there being any need for therapy as once she was gone my life was back to normal - literally overnight. I can best describe it as when you kill that mosquito that's been bugging you all night. Once its done, you don't miss it or think about what could have been or what should have been. You're just glad that mosquito is gone and you carry on.

She always felt she was special because she was beautiful (on the outside, at least ;-)) She would go into a shop to buy something and they would give it to her for free if she promised to visit the shop again.

Never a hair out of place, perfectly groomed each and every day, nails manicured each week and make-up that literally took her only 5 minutes to apply.

When I told her she would have to pack her bags and leave, she refused. I told her I would call the police and have her removed from the house. She said that if I did that, it wouldn't be her they removed but me. Rather surprised and curious, I asked her how that would work and she said, "I'll tell them you hit me".

Well dang, next thing I know the police are knocking on the door and taking me away for all the neighbours to see. Lucky they didn't handcuff me. I am interviewed at the police station and I tell them the story. One cop looks at the other cop and says, "she didn't look like she'd been bashed", the other cop agrees and they let me go.

Ofcourse if just one hair had been out of place, I would have been charged with assault. Thank goodness she was a good looker!