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Title: BPD or what?
Post by: allweareisallweare on June 09, 2015, 03:29:21 AM
I initially joined this board to heal from a diagnosed BPD and the fallout. A year and a bit on, I met another woman. I genuinely insist that there were no  red-flag and that the first four months were great. Then something occurred and she went on holiday witout talking about it - ironically to the country of my ex. When she, the new girl, came back she was blowing hot and cold, tried to say I wasn't the right guy for her - then as I got up to leave she cried, said she didn't want to see me go. Three weeks on, I saw no improvement. Guess what? I left, then I called her the next night - she then has said that she slept with someone else, in the country where the DBPDex comes from, and she stated 'because I thought you were going to dump me,' you know prior to that occurrence before she went on holiday, which she made no effort to talk about.) So we know she's scum of the earth if this is true, but is she BPD scum. Are there traits which hint to something sinister, if not BPD? Is this a cruel lie? I think she suffers from an obvious abandonment thing. She was married for a long time, then the husband turned around and said he didn't want to be with her anymore (so she says, she could be back with him) but I'm just going on facts... .sorry if this is mislabeling, but she has showed a CLASSIC symptom of BPD.    I maintain she has no others. She's no a spiteful person, or chaotic, but that could be her placid Scandi nature.                                               What do you say and what do you know? I'm clearly shook up because of this.   Sent a few messages to her, she responded to one and gave a bit of discourse. The second, she's not replied. Worried about her. And I love her, you know.