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Title: Survivor to thriver program
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01. I am in a breakthrough crisis, having gained some sense of my abuse (popup)
02. I have determined that I was physically, sexually, or emotionally abused as a child. (popup)
03. I have made a commitment to recovery from my childhood abuse. (popup)
04. I shall re-experience each set of memories of the abuse as they surface in my mind. (popup)
05. I accept that I was powerless over my abusers' actions which holds THEM responsible. (popup)
06. I can respect my shame and anger as a consequence of my abuse, but shall try not to turn it against myself or others. (popup)
07. I can sense my inner child whose efforts to survive now can be appreciated. (popup)

08. I have made an inventory of the problem areas in my adult life. (popup)
09. I have identified the parts of myself connected to self-sabotage. (popup)
10. I can control my anger and find healthy outlets for my aggression. (popup)
11. I can identify faulty beliefs and distorted perceptions in myself and others. (popup)
12. I am facing my shame and developing self-compassion. (popup)
13. I accept that I have the right to be who I want to be and live the way I want to live. (popup)
14. I am able to grieve my childhood and mourn the loss of those who failed me. (popup)

15. I am entitled to take the initiative to share in life's riches. (popup)
16. I am strengthening the healthy part of myself, adding to my self-esteem. (popup)
17. I can make necessary changes in my behavior and relationships at home and work. (popup)
18. I have resolved the abuse with my offenders to the extent that is acceptable to me. (popup)
19. I hold my own meaning about the abuse that releases me from the legacy of the past. (popup)
20. I see myself as a thriver in all aspects of life - love, work, parenting and play. (popup)
21. I am resolved in the reunion of my new self and eternal soul.   (popup)

(https://bpdfamily.com/book-covers/survivor.png)(https://bpdfamily.com/book-covers/spacer.gif)Survivor to Thriver Manual : The transformative journey from victim, to survivor, to thriver
Author: J. Patrick Gannon, PhD
Publisher: Morris Center | Self Published (November 30, 2006)
Paperback: 115 pages
ISBN-10: None
ISBN-13: None

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Title: Survivor to thriver program
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