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Title: Do borderlines threaten to kill themself if you try to leave them
Post by: Jayjayjay on March 25, 2020, 02:54:00 AM
I'm fell in love with a girl with bpd she my ex she has been treated she's been in a mental hospital a few times and is on medication so I don't think she would do these thinfs I know I can get her back it's just going to take awhile my uncle has BPD and he said if I got back together with her and got in deeper and if I tryed to leave her she would threating to kill herself I could tell he had BPD after being with her I didn't understand her well I nought and I hurt her that's why she broke up me plus she was scared I was going to dump her when I wasn't other people have told me this about people with BPD she has been treated with her mental illness

She will find out alot about me and also checking dating websites to see if I'm on them becoming a detective like asking other ex girlfriends and people who know me what I'm like

Telling me lies about her ex saying her did things when it was her

Being clingy I miss her so if we do get back together I would like that but would she want to be with me all the time and try to stop me from seeing friends and family

Telling lies for attendson

Not taking reponsabitly I have been told I could do everything right and still get blamed for something that wasn't my fault  I remember in the relanonship she does things to make me sad and anger and it's as if she didn't realize what she was doing I told her she never said sorry at one point just said everybody does that to her and it hurts

Could blackout and attack me I have been attack off girls before I never hit them back

Want me to have no one in my life besides her she said she wasn't controlling I never said she was because she was distant for a while and I didn't understand I told her I got scared incase she was trying to find someone else I know I should have took her word for it I got paranoid she's been through alot so she needed space I get it but I never said she was controlling

Lies lies lies a guy told me his bpd ex she told him she had been raped off a family member then she told him she lied to see if he would stay

Im just wonder because I catched feeling for her I think she's amazing but she never let me see her nasty side  she kinda push me away before she showed me she got anger I seen her anger a few times but she never snapped at me

I don't think she would lie about being abused I doubt that very much she's been through so bad bad bad things growing up she told me she's been in and out of mental hospitals since she was 15 years old so at that age she must have found out she had BPD my uncle told me I had no idea what I'm getting myself into and I should cutt her out of my life but I have learned a bit about it and I really do want to be with her despite know all of this and when we were together she thought I was Mr perfect wanting to have my children and said she couldn't wait till we were married and she also told me things deep personal things I stayed with her she said most guys would have ran and never looked back I have feeling for her and we are just friends now theirs a very good chance of us getting back together I'm just want to know what I'm dealing with