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Title: Do BPD's believe imagined words or scenarios are real?
Post by: FirstAndOnly on August 10, 2020, 11:21:18 AM
After my BPD wife hurt my daughter's feelings, I was consoling my daughter. Cheering her up. Later my wife accused me of saying things to my daughter (about my wife) that I definitely did not, and would not, say while consoling her.  When I denied ever saying it, pointing out that is sounded like something she would say, she seemed genuinely baffled and said, "If you didn't say that, then I'm going crazy."

So my question is, can a BPD person "hear" people saying things in their imagination and believe they've actually heard it?

She's accused me of a lot of things that aren't real, but this time really seemed confused, like she'd actually heard it. Felt different.