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Title: first time happy pills
Post by: Cromwell on August 21, 2020, 04:58:57 PM
Finally decided to do a trade deal with my physician. goodbye diazepam, hello Rameron

was difficult, but I felt I could not keep to my side of the bargain of an anxiolytic on an "as need basis"
(every day started to feel needy)

really promising so far, only 7th day so part placebo in terms of anti-depressant effect but so far in terms of anxiety and getting a great sleep. 10/10

im happy enough, regardless to make a rare use of the  :wee: emoticon

plenty of energy and getting my sleep patterns back is really starting to show much more positivity. Not hoping for anything, just happy this past week and will see how it goes, so far so good. Interested in anyone elses thoughts or experiences.