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Title: Hello All: Hope everyone is ok
Post by: legalboxers on March 22, 2022, 01:14:40 PM
I seen this article the other day:
How Long Should It Take to Grieve? Psychiatry Has Come Up With an Answer.

After more than a decade of argument, psychiatry’s most powerful body in the United States added a new disorder this week to its diagnostic manual: prolonged grief.

The decision marks an end to a long debate within the field of mental health, steering researchers and clinicians to view intense grief as a target for medical treatment, at a moment when many Americans are overwhelmed by loss.

The new diagnosis, prolonged grief disorder, was designed to apply to a narrow slice of the population who are incapacitated, pining and ruminating a year after a loss, and unable to return to previous activities.
Does anyone agree with this and these findings?