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Library: Tools and skills workshops

Audience: This is a general board visible to all members and guests.

Objective: The Workshops" board was founded in August of 2007 as a venue for assembling the collective wisdom of the senior members on useful tools and techniques.  100,000 members have passed through these halls and many are yet to come - each with different and valuable perspectives on these healing methods. “Workshops” is our practical encyclopedia of tools, processes and techniques.

General Approach: Workshops are a place to share tools, processes and techniques and the practical knowledge we have learned from using them.
This board is unique in that that it is not for the discussion of individual / personal situations. This is not a place to discuss our relationships or our feelings - this is a knowledge base sharing section of the community.

Starting a Workshop: It may be most efficient to run your ideas by the moderators for coaching or advice before posting, but it is not a requirement.  All workshop topics are, however, subject to staff approval to remain on the workshop board long term.

Responding to a Workshop: Any member may comment in a workshop. Workshops are pruned periodically to keep the best postings. Hijacks, unconventional science, or repetitious material will eventually be removed by the pruning editors.  This is intended to create collection of the best-of-the-best posts on the subject.

Comments:  The (https://bpdfamily.com/message_board/Themes/default/images/post/workshop.gif) insignia is awarded by the moderators to the very best workshops. Any member with numerous long standing posts on this board is clearly a very knowledgeable individual.