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Author Topic: I want to sit in the bath and open my veins while drinking whiskey  (Read 416 times)
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« Reply #30 on: September 16, 2019, 03:14:28 AM »

Based on RFs posts:
1. He is / was married
2. Porn addicted and alcoholic
3. Cheated on his wife
4. Obviously was lying to his wife and most likely the piano chick.
5. Piano chick figured him out as a two timing liar and dumped him
6. He clings to next girl and calls her a BPD. ( doubtful as his own bleating is BPD if not outright bollox)

Conclusion: RF is BPD in denial with a fantasy life that he is having validated on this site.

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« Reply #31 on: September 16, 2019, 04:08:07 AM »


Welcome to the site. Who said anything about porn addicted? The A.A. girl knew I was married. My wife and I are now amicably breaking up. I was lying to my wife but not the A.A. girl. I’m the piano man she doesn’t play. She thought I was lying constantly most likely because I was married and this exacerbated her own issues. There is no next girl and I’ll be doing no clinging. I came on here not to ‘bleat’ but to get help. If you think anybody is validating anything I’ve done on here then you should read the posts carefully. I may well be BPD or NPD but I can assure you I am certainly not in denial about it. What people were doing on this site is trying to help me work through a period in which I was feeling suicidal. They have all encouraged me to look at my own behaviour and take responsibility, which is what I will now be doing. I hope whatever has brought you to this site will get better with the valuable help and advice you’ll receive on here. There are many souls in pain that people on here have helped. This site is called BPD family and it is exactly what we all are. Much love to you.

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