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Author Topic: Are people in sales more likely to have BPD?  (Read 689 times)

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« on: December 13, 2010, 06:32:35 PM »

It was just a thought. Now that I am painfully disengaging from a gfBPD I am wondering. This woman could lie to anybody at any time. She was a sales woman. SHe could sell anything to anyone. Very good at it. But  there was no border between lies and truth. What is the general experience. WOuld you say that so many of our ex are in sales?

Just a discussion topic. I know that I am attracted to someone who is very good as debating and convincing others,

so maybe it was just my weakness that attracted me to her. How many of you could classify your ex as being in some sort of selling profession/career?
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« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2010, 07:22:02 PM »

Are people in sales more likely to have BPD?

No, the good ones who can slice a lemon in half, squeeze out the juice and sell the leftovers for $50 are more likely to have NPD.
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« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2010, 08:30:22 PM »

I've posted on here today I think about my now exBPDNPD bi-polargf I ended a two yr live in with in July. She was in sales. HIGH end. All her life. I dont' want to repeat myself here, but she could and admittedly stated "sales, she could sell you ss** and you'd buy it"... we talked about this one night during dating and she admitted it was part of her NPD as well. She knew what men wanted... she worked primarily in business with male clients and perfected it... as she said, "sex sells" and she didn't sell anything related to "sex" but she dress the part, talked the game, had them eating out of her hand and dated most, if not has sex with most of her male clients. THAT alone, should have been a Red flag/bad  (click to insert in post)  for me, because she was so hell bent on her abilities in sales and never failed to brag about her "selling rights". When dating, I remember her roomate (female girl next door type vs Dragon woman) was also in sales and she asked my "ex" to join her going to some of her clients to promote some business (my ex would normally do in office) to break it up. At the end of the day when I arrived at my "exs" place the poor roomate had this look of shallowness to her. I asked how the day went with my "ex"... (she was in the shower): Verbatim: "OMG, she just outshined me. I mean, she didn't have to say a damn word and the male business owners just ignored ME and went straight to her. She just poured on charm and was demur and charming, said all the right things, shook hands the right way, dressed to kill in her stelletos and skirt her top so damn revealing... XXXX, I have NEVER been up staged in my life and I've been in this business for 20 year... so she has 10 more years on me, but if THIS is how she conducts business NO wonder she was never sitting home on a Friday night! She sold sex... is what she did. Professionally, but she was selling HER, then the product"

I never will forget that night. My ex came out and was on top of the world bragging on the day went and trying to convince the poor roomate HOW it was done and HOW she dated some major players that were clients and in the long run had all her needs (even financial) taken care of ...

And this is how she got her last job before I kicked her ass out this July... .she hit on the millionaire boss/owner and made him an offer he couldnt' refuse... she has since been promoted, her own office, increase in pay (substantial) now has a car he paid for and her rent is paid for...

Answer your question?
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« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2010, 09:01:04 PM »

Are people in sales more likely to have BPD?

No, the good ones who can slice a lemon in half, squeeze out the juice and sell the leftovers for $50 are more likely to have NPD.

X is in Sales, on the job and off.  I think he's likely NPD and BPD.  When his elitism was challenged, that's when he fell apart, showing (in private) a lot of the BPD criteria.  Curious -- my Mom picked up on his pouring it on real thick as the charming salesman -- way before she ever saw him dysregulate.

Several times though, he fell apart at work.  I pretty much hope he will do that enough that someone there will realize there's something very wrong.  According to his father -- also a smooth salesman, very similar line of work -- X's being functional at work is all that matters.

I was amazed that the president of the company (where X works) took me aside to say he respected X's work ethic but that X isn't a team player.  Duh.
formerly 9_years_w_BPD
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« Reply #4 on: December 13, 2010, 09:30:09 PM »

I think you are all on to something here. My ex was always in sales, still is, and she's like a 2/3 BPD 1/3 NPD combo from where I sit. It's that ability to make quick phony relationships they're so good at.  I think the NPD is good at talking people to death too.  Smiling (click to insert in post)
formerly "reevega"
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« Reply #5 on: December 13, 2010, 09:46:24 PM »

During the real estate boom I begged my wife to get a license. I just knew she could knock it out of the park because she had that "sales touch". She had me eating out of her hand and I knew it would carry on in the business world. Being a BPD she went to the classes but could never carry it through like anything else she tried. Instead she sat home, hit_ed at me over the phone 100 times a day and ran us broke with her compulsive spending... .oh yeah, that was my fault for not making enough.
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