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Author Topic: DIRECTORY OF TOPICS  (Read 2686 times)
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BEHAVIORS:  Anger and Rage and passive aggression
BEHAVIORS:  Cutting and suicidal ideation
BEHAVIORS:  Devaluation
BEHAVIORS:  Difference between projection and devaluation?
BEHAVIORS:  Diminished executive function (poor executive control)?
BEHAVIORS:  Dissociation and Dysphoria
BEHAVIORS:  Dysregulating
BEHAVIORS:  Emotional Immaturity
BEHAVIORS:  Enmeshment?
BEHAVIORS:  Extinction Bursts
BEHAVIORS:  Fear of abandonment?
BEHAVIORS:  Fear of engulfment
BEHAVIORS:  Fear of Intimacy
BEHAVIORS:  Intermittent Reinforcement
BEHAVIORS:  Irreverent communication style. What is it exactly?
BEHAVIORS:  Lack of empathy (BPD or NPD trait?)
BEHAVIORS:  Lack of object consistency
BEHAVIORs:  Memory lapses
BEHAVIORS:  Mirroring
BEHAVIORS:  Mirroring different from idealization?
BEHAVIORS:  Objectifying the romantic partner
BEHAVIORS:  Projection
BEHAVIORS:  Push/pull
BEHAVIORS:  Rejection sensitivity (impulsive aggression)?
BEHAVIORS:  Self injury and self harm
BEHAVIORS:  Sexual identity issues?
BEHAVIORS:  Silent treatment
BEHAVIORS:  Splitting
BEHAVIORS:  Splitting:  Painted black
BEHAVIORS:  Stress triggers and negative behaviors
BEHAVIORS:  Triangulation
BEHAVIORS:  Unstable self-image
BEHAVIORS:  Waif, Hermit, Queen, and Witch
CAUSE: Borderline Personality Disorder?
CAUSE: Driven by low self-esteem?
CAUSE: Injury-induced BPD?
CAUSE: Without childhood abuse and trauma?
COMPARISON: Alcohol Dependence vs BPD
COMPARISON: Antisocial Personality Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Aspergers/autism spectrum disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Avoidant Personality Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: BiPolar Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Dissociative Identity Disorder
COMPARISON: Highly Sensitive Person vs BPD
COMPARISON: Histrionic Personality Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Obsessive-compulsive disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Paranoid Personality Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Reactive Attachment Disorder vs BPD
DIAGNOSIS:  BPD. What is it?  How can I tell?
DIAGNOSIS:  DSM-5.0 | Alternate Model for Personality Disorders
DIAGNOSIS:  Is the use of transitional objects suggestive of BPD?
DIAGNOSIS:  Middle School/High School Diagnosis
FAQ: Are Pre-biotics and probiotics helpful to pwBPD?
FAQ: BPD and thyroid disorders?
FAQ: Correlation Bisexuality and BPD
FAQ: Could it be multiple comorbid personality disorders?
FAQ: Did she ever love me? [romantic partners]
FAQ: Difference between no contact and silent treatment?
FAQ: Do pwBPD regret damaging impulsive decisions?
FAQ: Does BPD qualify as a Disability under social security?
FAQ: How common are personality disorders?
FAQ: How it feels to have BPD
FAQ: How should I explain “personality disorder” to friends?
FAQ: Is a personality disorder a mental illness or a character flaw?
FAQ: Is BPD a spectrum disorder? Can there be “BPD lites”?
FAQ: Is idealization actually a “positive” projection?
FAQ: Is there a page that explains the various acronyms ?
FAQ: Is there an evil external force involved in a BPD relationship?
FAQ: Is there any validity in the films that portray personality disorders?
FAQ: Is trichotillomania (pulling hair out) a means of self harm?
FAQ: Lack of esteem:  Do many with BPD consider themselves as “Damaged Goods”?
FAQ: Low functioning vs high functioning - what are the prognostic indicators? ?
FAQ: What is the prevalence of BPD in the gay and lesbian communities?
FAQ: Why do many with BPD seem to have trouble holding employment?
FAQ: Why is it “Borderline”? Isn't there a better name?
PROGNOSIS: Can someone with BPD improve without treatment?
PROGNOSIS: Do the symptoms of BPD improve/worsen with age?
PROGNOSIS: Is It Common for BPD Symptoms To Become More Acute Over Time?
PROGNOSIS: Why does BPD sometimes inactive for years?
TREATMENT:  Cures and Recovery
TREATMENT:  Cures and remission?
TREATMENT:  Does the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® work?
TREATMENT:  Electro Shock Treatment (ECT) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
TREATMENT:  Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
TREATMENT:  How do you have someone involuntarily committed (Baker Acted)?
TREATMENT:  Is “intervention” a viable approach for BPD?
TREATMENT:  Residential Treatment Program / Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?
TREATMENT:  What to look for in a therapist?
TREATMENT:  Why are therapists hesitant to give a BPD diagnosis?
TREATMENT:  Why marriage counseling so often fails



This board is intended for general questions about BPD and other personality disorders, trait definitions, and related therapies and diagnostics. Topics should be formatted as a question.

Please do not host topics related to the specific pwBPD in your life - those discussions should be hosted on an appropraite [L1] - [L4] board.

You will find indepth information provided by our senior members in our workshop board discussions (click here).

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