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Author Topic: DIRECTORY OF TOPICS  (Read 1150 times)
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BEHAVIORS:  Anger and Rage and passive aggression
BEHAVIORS:  Cutting and suicidal ideation
BEHAVIORS:  Devaluation
BEHAVIORS:  Difference between projection and devaluation?
BEHAVIORS:  Diminished executive function (poor executive control)?
BEHAVIORS:  Dissociation and Dysphoria
BEHAVIORS:  Dysregulating
BEHAVIORS:  Emotional Immaturity
BEHAVIORS:  Enmeshment?
BEHAVIORS:  Extinction Bursts
BEHAVIORS:  Fear of abandonment?
BEHAVIORS:  Fear of engulfment
BEHAVIORS:  Fear of Intimacy
BEHAVIORS:  Intermittent Reinforcement
BEHAVIORS:  Irreverent communication style. What is it exactly?
BEHAVIORS:  Lack of empathy (BPD or NPD trait?)
BEHAVIORS:  Lack of object consistency
BEHAVIORs:  Memory lapses
BEHAVIORS:  Mirroring
BEHAVIORS:  Mirroring different from idealization?
BEHAVIORS:  Objectifying the romantic partner
BEHAVIORS:  Projection
BEHAVIORS:  Push/pull
BEHAVIORS:  Rejection sensitivity (impulsive aggression)?
BEHAVIORS:  Self injury and self harm
BEHAVIORS:  Sexual identity issues?
BEHAVIORS:  Silent treatment
BEHAVIORS:  Splitting
BEHAVIORS:  Splitting:  Painted black
BEHAVIORS:  Stress triggers and negative behaviors
BEHAVIORS:  Triangulation
BEHAVIORS:  Unstable self-image
BEHAVIORS:  Waif, Hermit, Queen, and Witch
CAUSE: Borderline Personality Disorder?
CAUSE: Driven by low self-esteem?
CAUSE: Injury-induced BPD?
CAUSE: Without childhood abuse and trauma?
COMPARISON: Alcohol Dependence vs BPD
COMPARISON: Antisocial Personality Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Aspergers/autism spectrum disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Avoidant Personality Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: BiPolar Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Dissociative Identity Disorder
COMPARISON: Highly Sensitive Person vs BPD
COMPARISON: Histrionic Personality Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Obsessive-compulsive disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Paranoid Personality Disorder vs BPD
COMPARISON: Reactive Attachment Disorder vs BPD
DIAGNOSIS:  BPD. What is it?  How can I tell?
DIAGNOSIS:  DSM-5.0 | Alternate Model for Personality Disorders
DIAGNOSIS:  Is the use of transitional objects suggestive of BPD?
DIAGNOSIS:  Middle School/High School Diagnosis
FAQ: Are Pre-biotics and probiotics helpful to pwBPD?
FAQ: BPD and thyroid disorders?
FAQ: Correlation Bisexuality and BPD
FAQ: Could it be multiple comorbid personality disorders?
FAQ: Did she ever love me? [romantic partners]
FAQ: Difference between no contact and silent treatment?
FAQ: Do pwBPD regret damaging impulsive decisions?
FAQ: Does BPD qualify as a Disability under social security?
FAQ: How common are personality disorders?
FAQ: How it feels to have BPD
FAQ: How should I explain “personality disorder” to friends?
FAQ: Is a personality disorder a mental illness or a character flaw?
FAQ: Is BPD a spectrum disorder? Can there be “BPD lites”?
FAQ: Is idealization actually a “positive” projection?
FAQ: Is there a page that explains the various acronyms ?
FAQ: Is there an evil external force involved in a BPD relationship?
FAQ: Is there any validity in the films that portray personality disorders?
FAQ: Is trichotillomania (pulling hair out) a means of self harm?
FAQ: Lack of esteem:  Do many with BPD consider themselves as “Damaged Goods”?
FAQ: Low functioning vs high functioning - what are the prognostic indicators? ?
FAQ: What is the prevalence of BPD in the gay and lesbian communities?
FAQ: Why do many with BPD seem to have trouble holding employment?
FAQ: Why is it “Borderline”? Isn't there a better name?
PROGNOSIS: Can someone with BPD improve without treatment?
PROGNOSIS: Do the symptoms of BPD improve/worsen with age?
PROGNOSIS: Is It Common for BPD Symptoms To Become More Acute Over Time?
PROGNOSIS: Why does BPD sometimes inactive for years?
TREATMENT:  Cures and Recovery
TREATMENT:  Cures and remission?
TREATMENT:  Does the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® work?
TREATMENT:  Electro Shock Treatment (ECT) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
TREATMENT:  Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
TREATMENT:  How do you have someone involuntarily committed (Baker Acted)?
TREATMENT:  Is “intervention” a viable approach for BPD?
TREATMENT:  Residential Treatment Program / Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?
TREATMENT:  What to look for in a therapist?
TREATMENT:  Why are therapists hesitant to give a BPD diagnosis?
TREATMENT:  Why marriage counseling so often fails


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